Best Practices

I am not a public health expert and don’t even play one on TV. The best way to avoid the Covid-19 virus is to stay home. Best practices say to avoid close contact (within 6 feet). The virus can be airborne and can also live on surfaces.

If you do partake in delivery or pickup, please practice proper hygiene. That means:

  • Wash your hands before you leave your house and immediately upon returning.
  • Keep safe social distancing recommendations in mind. No interactions within 6-feet. Minimize your interactions and what you touch.
  • Call ahead for pickup. Do not congregate in any food establishment.
  • Make digital payment to avoid exchanging any cash or credit cards.
  • If you order delivery, request a contact-less delivery and specify where the delivery person should leave your food.

Be diligent and demand any restaurant do the same.